Palm Harbor Fl

Fascinating Apartments in Palm Harbor Fl

Real Estate in Palm Harbor Florida has increased and improved in the previous ten years. There are exactly 16 apartments in Palm Harbor FL AND 81 Apartments located near Palm Harbor. These apartments vary in size, design and price payments. Some of the famous residential apartments located within Palm Harbor are:

IMT Boot Range

IMT Boot Range is the luxurious community located in the Palm Harbor with prosperous neighborhoods, excellent schools, and large employment centers nearby, golf courses, Business centers and office submarkets. These apartments are in different sizes consisting of one-to-four bedrooms. One bedroom apartment which is 633 square feet has one bathroom and its price ranges from $935 to $1295. Two bed room apartments of IMT Boot Range is 967 square feet area with one bathroom and price from $1150 to $1680 and wide range of features. Three bedrooms apartments are 1327 square feet having two bathrooms and the payments range from $1435 to $2300. Four bedrooms apartments have two bathrooms and are 1456 square feet. The rental price for four bedroom apartment starts from $1725 to $2610 with immense residential amenities and social friendly lifestyles.

Lansbrook Village

Lansbrook Village is another famous name when we think of Apartments in Palm Harbor FL. Lansbrook Village apartments are the perfect residential and rental apartments with different size, floor and price plans. The apartments with one bedroom and one bathroom are 773 to 854 square feet and their payments range from $938 t0 $1336. The apartments with two bedrooms also have one bathroom and their prices start from $1082 to $1438. Three bed room apartments are 1210 to 1291 square feet with two bathrooms and price from #1400 to $1726. The four bedroom apartments of Lansbrook Village Palm Harbor have size of 1546 square feet and their rental price start from $1727 to $2232. Four bedroom apartments have 2 bathrooms, extra storage space and best quality facilities and features to residents.

Stonegate Apartments

Stonegate Apartments are the luxurious living apartments of Palm Harbor. These apartments have floor plans of one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms with different prices and sizes. One bedroom apartment has one attached bathroom and good features, 743 square feet area with prices from $860 to $1040. Two bedroom apartments have one or two bathroom plans and these consist of area of 992 square feet with prices from $1060 to $1190. Apartments with three bedrooms consist of area 1348 square feet and prices are from $1280 to $1580. Three bedroom apartments have 2 bathrooms in them.