Luxury Apartments in Palm Harbor FL

Luxury Apartments in Palm Harbor FL

The categories of the apartments in palm harbor fl includes the programs of one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, three, bed room apartments, four bedroom apartments, hometown apartments and luxury apartments.

Important One Bedroom Apartments in Palm Harbor FL:

One bedroom apartments are available in Palm Harbor with eminent facilities and features. The list of the one bedroom rental and residential apartments includes:

1) – Stillwater Palms:

Stillwater Palms are the one bedroom apartments located in 2350 Cypress Pond Road 34683 in Palm Harbor. These apartments are ideal for the singles or even for couples. There are two different categories of the floor plans in Stillwater Palms. One is known as The Allister and the other is called The Cypress. In The Allister, there is one bedroom and one bathroom with the rent of $850. In The Cypress, there is the availability of one bedroom and one bedroom with the rent of $ 930. The amenities include Carpeting, Air conditioning, Central Heat, On Site Laundry and Indoor Laundry Services and Walk in Closets.

2) – Location; 4805 US -19 ALT # 522:

These are the second floor and bedroom apartments located in Palm Harbor. The community’ of these apartments offers one community pool, picnic areas, grilling areas and County parks. These are air conditioned apartments mostly located on second floors.

3) – IMT Boot Ranch Apartments:

These apartments offer one bedroom and one bathroom plans with perfect features and facilities. The facilities involve air conditioned atmosphere, central heating facilities, laundry facilities, parking facilities, indoor and outdoor adventures, beautiful surroundings and furnished carpeted and antique floors.

4) – 36750 US Hwy 19 N:

These are also one bedroom condos in the community of apartments in Palm Harbor FL. These are also second floor furnished and air conditioned apartments with the re creation plans for swimming pools, golf and advance amenities. The prices of the apartments depend on the advanced and innovative settings in the management and reproduction plan.

5) – twin Lake Apartments:

Twin Lake Apartments are located in Palm Harbor which is considered the heart of Florida because of its beauty. The one bedroom plans in Twin Lake Apartments are categorized as Nantucket Renovated apartments, Nantucket Classic apartments, Manchester Classic, Manchester Interior, Manchester Renovated and Manchester Renovated Interior. The area of these apartments starts from 675 square feet to 765 square feet and range of prices from $850 to $975.